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WPW: Digital Lives

Each year, Riley would find herself reading over their correspondence. They had never met in person, but the few months that they swapped stories were ingrained into her soul. She had saved them. At the time, it was all she had left of him because what are memories when they’re digital? You don’t walk by…

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WPW: An Ode

Writing Prompt: “Not what it seems” O there you are, Waiting for my touch. I yearn to hold you in my hands To feel your warmth against my skin.  I reach for you  and yet I hesitate. Do I dare? Should I risk adding  the weight of our relationship?  You call out to me. How can…

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WPW: “New Year, New You”

Writing Prompt Wednesday: “New Year, New You” Gwen stares at her drink, counting the bubbles as others countdown the clock. 52 bubbles in the matter of seconds. She sighs. He hadn’t shown up. He promised that he would, but the countdown had ended, the fanfare had played, and she is sitting at a table alone…

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