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Escaping the real world by writing worlds of my own.

WPW: How About You?

Writing Prompt: Anxiety Normally, for writing prompts, I take the moment to write something fictional. But with anxiety as my writing prompt, I wanted to write something a bit more soul-baring. Anxiety is one of those things you don’t see coming until it’s upon you. You’re sitting there laughing and joking around, and the next…

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Imposter Syndrome

As a writer, I’ve found that I’m always between the feelings of “Wow. This is amazing!” and “Why on earth would anyone want to read what I have to say?!” We all feel it. That dread and anxiety of possibly never being good enough, and more than that, we’re shown it through a number of…

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WPW: An Ode

Writing Prompt: “Not what it seems” O there you are, Waiting for my touch. I yearn to hold you in my hands To feel your warmth against my skin.  I reach for you  and yet I hesitate. Do I dare? Should I risk adding  the weight of our relationship?  You call out to me. How can…

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Rough Draft: Prologue

The air is thick with smoke. Every breath she takes is more difficult to swallow. Screams echo throughout the hallways as she stumbles along, feeling the wall to guide her way. She cradles the basket close to her chest. She can’t let them find the baby. If they do, all will be lost. The prophecy…

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Send Out a (Re)Search Party

Within the past two months, I have written a total of 700 words on my novel. I know… I’d better slow down or I’ll have it written in the next decade or so. The thing is, I’ve never written fantasy before. I’ve always stuck to the “write what you know” motto, but now, I find…

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