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Escaping the real world by writing worlds of my own.

Finding Inspiration

Normally, I find my inspiration while out and about. I wander through parks and see other people talking or playing. I go to work and hear a funny story or experience something new. However, in mid-March, everything changed. We’re not meant to go out. We can’t socialize in person, can’t wander through parks, can’t find…

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Review: Dabble

Since I was younger, I have always used Microsoft Word religiously for writing. It served its purpose, and I liked how easy and quick it was to use and format. However, as I started building out my novel, I wanted to include details of the world, the languages, the characters, and I disliked having to…

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WPW: Digital Lives

Each year, Riley would find herself reading over their correspondence. They had never met in person, but the few months that they swapped stories were ingrained into her soul. She had saved them. At the time, it was all she had left of him because what are memories when they’re digital? You don’t walk by…

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Digital Book Clubs

Currently, we find ourselves in a different sort of world. We can’t quickly pop down to the shop or picnic in the park, and for most, we’re not allowed to gather with people outside our immediate family. It’s incredibly important to #flattenthecurve, but we don’t have to ignore that this may be difficult for many…

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On the Sidelines

So, it’s been a while. I’d love to say that it was because I was running around doing exciting things, but unfortunately, it was more because I got caught by the flu. If there’s something I always advocate for with writing, it’s doing it as often as possible. Because once you stop and fall out…

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WPW: Benedict and Marion

Writing Prompt: Pets Marion’s apartment was quaint. Or at least that’s what her daughter had called it when she visited, but that’s been years ago now. But it was home to her. It was a place she had carefully chosen each trinket or piece of furniture to be to her liking.  Nothing out of the…

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