Review: Dabble

Since I was younger, I have always used Microsoft Word religiously for writing. It served its purpose, and I liked how easy and quick it was to use and format.

However, as I started building out my novel, I wanted to include details of the world, the languages, the characters, and I disliked having to do everything manually to format my ideas.

So, off on an adventure I went. I wanted to find something that was affordable, easy to use, and was available online. I continuously came across Dabble, so I tried it out.

I wanted to share my thoughts with anyone else looking for a neat tool to help keep them organized for writing.

First and foremost, Dabble is not free. It’s not overly expensive, and you do have several plans to choose from. As with most subscriptions, you can go monthly (seen below) or yearly for a 20% discount. You can also find discount codes out there (I got my first 3 months for $1 a month). I believe Nanowrimo also provides discounts.

I chose the Original Premium, so note that my review will be from that viewpoint. So, if you go for Dabble, make sure you review the features prior to deciding.

Now, remember, I am still fairly new to the program, and there might be better/faster ways to do the things I’ll show you, but this is what I’ve found works for me.

Watch my Dabble walkthrough video below!

Here’s a quick list of pros and cons:

Book Scene section allows for great plot build out
Set goals and track real-time stats on your writing habits
Having your work on the cloud to access anywhere
Clean look, and can do dark or light look depending on subscription
Well-priced for a tool like this. Word is more expensive
Can quickly export to Word/Text for sharing/printing.
Have to manually organize your book scenes with drag and drop
Automatic fade can get annoying as it doesn’t work that well (you can turn it off though
No mobile-friendly option
Automatic formatting can mistake your purpose from time to time
Help section could use more quick links for “getting started” tips/instructions

I’d love to hear from you!

Have you tried Dabble? Or do you use something else out? I’d love to hear about either! I’m always looking for new ways to innovate!

Comment on this post or feel free to contact me to let me know!

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