WPW: An Ode

Writing Prompt: “Not what it seems”

O there you are,
Waiting for my touch.
I yearn to hold you in my hands
To feel your warmth against my skin. 

I reach for you 
and yet I hesitate.
Do I dare?
Should I risk adding 
the weight of our relationship? 

You call out to me.
How can I resist?
I lick my lips
as I bring you to my mouth. 

Your smell is intoxicating,
and your warmth is drawing near.
Mouth watering, 
I close my eyes. 

Tasting you is bliss.
I inhale euphorically
before taking you in again.
A sigh escapes my lips.  

You are my dream,
My love,
O fresh chocolate chip cookie,
You know my soul. 

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