WPW: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Writing Prompt: Memories

I took a walk down memory lane,
Each house held a story I once claimed.
Some lights dimmed and others were bright,
But then I came upon a house as dark as night.

The memory itched as I searched the thought,
My mind refused and told me I ought not.
I knew it was nothing that I’d like to find,
But what built this house deep in my mind?

The ornate features suggested a lighter time,
Along the railings the vines had started their climb.
I search for something to give me a clue,
But then I realized… it had to be you.

A tortured soul inside a mindless man,
It had been years since we began.
The tears you had shed to mask all your lies,
But I saw the truth behind your eyes.

The house became darker as I looked on,
And the grass died all over the lawn.
This was not a happy place for anyone to see,
But it was a reminder of what you did to me.

A darkened blotch on a beautiful route,
Even after the walls I built to keep you out.
I wondered aloud why this appeared here,
But no one was there to lend an ear.

I turned away from the terrible lot,
As I did my eyes saw a small spot.
A tiny bit of color on the edge of the porch,
But even around it the ground was scorched.

I stood there amazed that something could grow,
Near this worn-out house filled with nothing but woe.
Then the yellow blossoms grew as I watched,
And soon enough the whole yard was blotched.

This change was growing faster than a jet,
Though I couldn’t quite make out why yet.
Was it forgiveness? Did I let you off the hook?
But how could I forget the year that you took?

The flowers soon covered the darkness beneath,
And hung on the door was a beautiful wreath.
Soon rain fell upon the somber dwelling,
And with each drop it became more compelling.

The grey washed away, and bright colors prevailed,
When I saw the sight, I inhaled.
My friends standing there waving hello,
Upon their faces, their smiles did glow.

I realized then dark memories were fine,
Because they brought more friends that I call mine.
He broke my heart, no doubt in that,
But I won’t allow him to make me fall flat.

I smile and wave back as I turn away,
I had learned a great lesson remembering today.
Love yourself enough to accept love from true friends,
Because in this respect true love never ends.

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