Adventures in Writing

I was five years old when I wrote my first story. It was about a zoo, and I based each character on my siblings and me. Years later, I came across the series of stories I wrote about each character, and I still felt incredibly in love with it.

Books, reading, and writing have always been a huge part of my life. My mother took the time each night to read me a story or a chapter from a book. I would never fight bedtime because I could curl up with my newest obsession and spend hours reading until I’d fall asleep with a book in hand.

My love for literature grew exponentially with each passing year, and no matter where I was at in my life, I would always take solace in a book or writing a short story. It was more than just an escape. I came to love books as if they were old friends that I could turn to during any time in my life.

I would lock myself in my room, or apartment, and read an entire book in one sitting. During my college years, I read more than I could keep up with, and I wrote more than I thought my hands could handle. I loved every minute of it. The adventures one can take simply by opening a book.

For a time, reading was all I needed, but with time, the urge to set aside the stories written by others to create my own grew. I would always talk about “my first novel” and would get a couple pages in before I realized, “No. This isn’t the one.”

However, toward the end of November of 2019, my imagination was set ablaze. I had it. I had the beginnings of the story that I knew would change my life—whether it’s published or not. I could feel it in my soul. I spent three days over Thanksgiving break just developing the characters and building out the plot.

I wanted to write, but I knew I really needed to do my research and truly develop the world before just jumping in. So, in order to scream into a more public void, I’m starting this blog to follow my random musings about things I’m learning along the way, writing prompts, and excerpts and character information about my (currently) untitled fantasy novel.

So, welcome! I hope you all will partake in this adventure with me. Let’s have lots of fun!


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Escaping the real world by writing worlds of my own.

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